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1. The weasel laughs meniacally.


2. The narwhol sarcastically sneered at a snail.


3. The mongoose nefariously ate a muffin.


4. Surprisingly, my neighbor, John Booboohead's cat is a robot.


5. Sparkles, the magical flying pony, amiably ate broccoli.


6. The marmot, diabolically plotted the demise of the human race.


7. Katie, being the super fashion queen that she is, happily put a polka- dot toga on her weasel.


8. Anna held Jenny hostage with a very surprised whale...(falling from the sky with a pot of petunias.)


9. The appraiser had to resort to the floccinaucinihilipilification of the dead beaver with no tail.


10. i named my hideously flavored cracker with no brain, Norman.

 So, there was this weasel right?

And he was just standing on the kitchen counter when I walked in there to scramble some eggs. I was like "Hey mister Weasel! Why are you standing on the kitchen counter?"

And he said, I am scared of your dog." So I shrugged and scrambled my eggs. Then, my dog just ran inside, jumped on the kitchen counter, and bit the weasel's leg off.

The weasel died of bleeding to death







JANUARY 3,2006

How to tell a website is credible... evaluating websites!

These are some things that help a TON if you're trying to find a reliable website...

You need to identify:


Who: who is the one making the website... does it even say?

A guide to url.____

.com= commercial, for the most part they're looking for someway to sell you something.

.gov= VERY reliable... whether you think the government is or not, these are some of the better and more accurate sites on the web.*

.edu= generally these have something to do with colleges (i.e. admissions, scientific findings, etc.) they are OBVIOUSLY about education (hence the .edu part)

.org= organization (i.e. Salvation Army, Green Peace International, and so on) this is a good one to go to for getting different opinions on things such as furs or things like that.

.net= there’s really not a whole lot to describe these... it's somewhat like a .com but still different.


What: this is basically just the content of the website... kind of a given.


When: when was the site started? When was it last updated, etc?


Where: where did the people that created the site get their information (this is a really important one.) do they even have any resources?


Why: what is the purpose of the website? Is it really even important to what you are searching for?


How: believe it, or not the how is what the whole site looks like, does it look professional or, is it one of those sites where you have lime green text on a yellow background? (Obviously the professional one is better, if you didn't guess that.)


I hope that these help/ entertain...(if that's possible) anybody who happens to come across these (who happen to be doing a research report and desperately need help and don’t even have their topic for their essay the day before it's due.)