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fun with ADVERBS!

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ultimate coolness...with grammar!

1. The weasel laughs meniacally.


2. The narwhol sarcastically sneered at a snail.


3. The mongoose nefariously ate a muffin.


4. Surprisingly, my neighbor, John Booboohead's cat is a robot.


5. Sparkles, the magical flying pony, amiably ate broccoli.


6. The marmot, diabolically plotted the demise of the human race.


7. Katie, being the super fashion queen that she is, happily put a polka- dot toga on her weasel.


8. Anna held Jenny hostage with a very surprised whale...(falling from the sky with a pot of petunias.)


9. The appraiser had to resort to the floccinaucinihilipilification of the dead beaver with no tail.


10. i named my hideously flavored cracker with no brain, Norman.


source: our 9th grade english teacher! yay english!