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This is a page... about us!


Katie is a person. She goes to school. She eats food. She does not like swimming. She listens to music. She is a girl. She can count to purple backwards. Her favorite vegetables are strawberries. She speaks english. She does not like math. She has a short attention span. If she had one wish, she would give a bagel to everyone in the world. She likes bagels. She likes cream cheese on her cinnamon bagels. She is actually a fish. She has gills. She can only breath underwater.


Jenny, jennyjennyjenny.
Jenny is a sophomore and is in high school. She wishes to die from bleeding to death. She enjoys picnics on the second floor deck after dark and third hour english. She likes bright colours and shiney things. She thinks weasels and how their lives relate to biology is uber freaking hilarious. She wants to be a vampire bat when she grows up. She thinks hippies are amusing. She can jump ten feet into the air, and lives in Sweeden all the time except for when she doesn't. Jenny, is the master/Queen of the "robot dance". Jenny is really a japanese pop star in disguise. Jenny can type in english, however she can't speak english. She can only speak Hkdjarijdf, a language of her native land that is a mixture of Spanish and Japanese.


!. Of Montreal..... Our favourite band.
@. Scooter Goose. Jenny's Brother's friend's websites.
More to Come.

Katie's aim: oh my cell phone
she likes email..... ^-^ *nudge nudge*

Jenny is a robot!


God, the rain, long car rides, dancing like no one's watching, being best friends, sleepless nights, Shades of Brown (the coffee shop), our awesome-ness, band shirts, awkward conversations, long walks, concerts, The Price is Right, fruit smoothies, good books, moshing by ourselves, singing badly, doing The Robot with our moms, foreign films, drawing, being hyperactive psychos, travel, clean socks, dental hygiene, green paisley couches, ham and jam sandwiches, unexpected proposals, ping-pong, polka dancing, autoCAD, THIRD HOUR ENGLISH, throwing Swedish Fish at people, staring at blank walls, and arguing with wall paper, debating the world domination by the magical, flying ponies, google-ing random words and names, smelling books, etc.

Source: ...ourselves....duh!